Necronom IV, 1976

Acrylic on paper on wood, 100 cm by 150 cm

The monsters in Alien were designed and realized by HR Giger. His involvement in the film was assured when its director, Ridley Scott, arrived for his first meeting at Fox and was shown a new art book called The Necronomicon.

"I took one look at it," says Scott, "and I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life." 

I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything
As long as it’s free
I want your love

The paintings are exquisitely, sensually hideous. Biomechanical and violent.

I want your horror

I want your design

‘Cause you’re a criminal

As long as your mine

I want your love

Click below for Part 2 of Plato’s Atlantis/the Premiere of Bad Romance

I want your loving

I want your revenge

You and me can write a Bad Romance

“I got the idea for them from H.R. Giger, and seeing Alien, and then I got a sculptor to make up a shoe so that it looked like it grew right out of the foot. Sick, ain’t I?” cackles McQueen over dinner.

Caught in a Bad Romance

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Mark Englert.

Director Series: Kubrick

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It’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.

-Alex : A Clockwork Orange

Van Gogh, his health in a downward spiral, entered the asylum in Saint Rémy, where with the approval of his doctors he continued to paint. Even in confinement, his work extended far beyond his personal circumstance.

The Prison Courtyard expresses the artist’s hopelessness and despair. In the lower part of the painting, thirty-three inmates form a human corona, pacing heads down, in defeated rote and joyless resignation. …Some faces can be deciphered, particularly the one in the center, whose blond hair is lighted by an imperceptible sun’s ray. That is Van Gogh himself in what has been interpreted as a “metaphoric self-portrait”.



Click Below for a bit of the good ole’ Ludwig Van


“Oh it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. The trombones crunched redgold under my bed, and behind my gulliver the trumpets three-wise silverflamed, and there by the door the timps rolling through my guts and out again crunched like candy thunder. Oh, it was wonder of wonders. And then, a bird of like rarest spun heavenmetal, or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now, came the violin solo above all the other strings, and those strings were like a cage of silk round my bed. Then flute and oboe bored, like worms of like platinum, into the thick thick toffee gold and silver. I was in such bliss, my brothers.” 
― Alex :  A Clockwork Orange

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Gandalf endorsed.
This is us.

Gandalf endorsed.

This is us.

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World history in one sentence

World history in one sentence

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walt disney said that this scene in cinderella was his favourite piece of animation.

walt disney said that this scene in cinderella was his favourite piece of animation.

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Shining Bathrooms

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Rodarte : Short Films


Magical realism, 1980s video games, and haute couture combine in This Must Be the Only Fantasy, a new film collaboration between fashion house Rodarte and filmmaker Todd Cole. The film stars Elijah Wood and is a VFX-driven ode to fantasy role-playing games with original music by Beach House

"You live your life in the everyday but then in this other world—in your mind, your imagination—you get to transform into the hero, and this is the duality that we wanted to capture." Kate Mulleavy says about working in the fantasy genre.

While this film is influenced by Medieval and fantasy role playing games—inspired by Rodarte’s Spring Summer 2013 collection which explored the same themes—the trio’s previous collaborations have explored other genres. Aanteni (2010) was a horror movie, and The Curve of Forgotten Things (2011) was a dreamy homage to 1970s northern California and its cinematic representations.

The characters in This Must Be the Only Fantasy are mostly teenage kids, just hanging out in the suburbs of LA, killing time, chatting inanities, looking for kicks. It just so happens that the magic from their games has spilled out into the physical world. 

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